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Commissioning a Portrait


Portraits can be painted from life, from photographs or a combination of both. I can employ any of these methods but with today’s time constraints most people prefer to just sit for the one or two photo shoots taking 2-3 hours and then send me back to the studio to do the work.

Prior to the photo shoot I ask the subject to think about how they would like to be portrayed. This includes the size of the painting, body position (eg standing, sitting), hand positions, clothing etc.


We will schedule a photography session at your convenience. This session can take place in my studio or at your home, office or other location, and will take from one to two hours. Extensive photographic reference material is captured which will allow me to create the painting in my studio


At the photo shoot we try different clothing, postures, lighting and background and choose the images the sitter and their family think look the best.


At this point a payment of 25% of the total price is requested, the balance to be paid on completion of the painting which can be viewed in person, by email or by photograph.

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